Written in Re:View is an aspiring humorous platform, meant as an outlet by canalizing our pet peeves, mild annoyances, considerable frustrations, endless aversions or deep-rooted hatred – boy, that escalated quickly – from living in a society gone mad. Much like the imaginary better half in your makeshift relationshit, we’re doing this in a slightly ambiguous (hormonal) fashion. There will be unpredictable nonsense, out of the blue mood swings, fairly serious interventions and a hell lot of ?#@%-ing and !?*€-ing, if you know what we mean *wink wink. #ofcourseyoudon’tknow.

These honest – hopefully recognizable – observations and pseudo-thoughtful scribbleture are best served with a grain of salt, an open mind and tons of alcohol to wash down the somewhat cynical aftertaste. In an attempt to include some small truths in our stretched observations and stimulating reflection and discussion, we’re happy to receive your feedback. So by all means, tell us how you feel by sharing your own re:view.

Now, shouldn’t you be trolling the comment section of our blog yet? Or start crying your eyes out from the experienced enlightenment of our entertaining scribbles with profound depth? Maybe share the living hell out of this little ray of hope penetrating (*teehee) the dark interwebclouds, on those voyeuristic Twatbook thingys?

Whatever, go on now. Turn around… yeah wiggle that fine-looking #!*@$$ for us. That’s it, just how we like it.